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Flight 17

Hmm, so if Flight 17 was hit by an SA-11 missile that disables its target with shrapnel rather than with a concussive explosion, it seems possible that many of the people on the plane would have survived the missile attack and would not have died immediately, but would have lived as the plane fell from the sky and died upon impact with the ground. Yes, cabin depressurization and the resulting lack of oxygen would have rendered the passengers unconscious. But if the oxygen masks deployed properly it’s possible the passengers did not lose consciousness. If the masks did not deploy and the passengers passed out, they may have regained consciousness once the plane descended to thicker air with more oxygen.

The photos of the crash site also seem to suggest that large sections of the fuselage crashed intact and that the plane was not disintegrated by the missile at 33,000 feet as originally reported/suggested by the media. Reports initially said the missile “slammed into the plane”, but now it has come to light an SA-11 missile explodes about a hundred meters in front of or underneath the plane it’s targeting, creating a cloud of small bits of shrapnel that the plane flies into which then disables the plane. The photos also show a large area of scorched earth, suggesting that the fuel in the plane did not ignite from the missile attack but ignited upon impact with the ground. Yet media reports are still saying the fuel exploded in mid-air at the time of the missile intercept. Also, the reports of many of the bodies being found intact on the ground is further evidence that there was not a massive, catastrophic explosion mid-air.

I guess the data recorders will shed light on this all.

Iron Dome

One question that no one is asking: why does Hamas launch rockets into Israel when it knows the rockets won’t make it past Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system? Might as well fire them west into the Mediterranean.

Putin is getting some PR savvy …

“Confusion”? Hmm, sounds like Putin may be figuring out how this works: you don’t deny the entire thing and try to cover it up, you call it a mistake made at the command level and throw a few lieutenants under the bus. Obama most have given him some tips on their last phone call: “Vlad, weren’t you paying attention to how I handled my VA hospital scandal over here?”

War is over

Dear John McCain: nobody won shit in Iraq, there is no victory to preserve.

Iraq was headed to break into three parts pre-surge, then the surge stabilized Iraq as one, now that we left it’s headed back to three parts. Let it be.

Oh the (lack of) Humanity!

Are the people that feel that Sgt. Bergdahl should be tried and convicted of desertion really suggesting that after he spent five years as a POW in a Taliban prison (more like a steel box than any concept of a modern prison that you and I might conceive) he should then be thrown into a US military prison? Try & convict for desertion if you must, then sentence him to “time served”. Please remember he is still a US citizen and a human being, not a political football or a piece of trash.

Also: if he did go AWOL, remember he was 23 at the time. He made a bad decision then, he’s neither the first nor the last 23 year old to do so. These days we feel the human brain isn’t fully mature until age 25, with the part involved in decision making being the last to develop.

Bring Back Our Girls

A SEAL team to #BringBackOurGirls? It will take A LOT more than that. Assuming the girls are all in one place (which probably isn’t the case) there are 276 of them. That will take close to a thousand troops and support personnel at least. And you’ll need a C130 or two or similar large aircraft to extract the girls alone. This will be a major military operation. The logistical requirements here are huge: a platoon of SEALs and a few Blackhawks isn’t enough do the job.

This doesn’t mean I am against a US mission to get the the girls, I am all for it.

But I am shocked how the so-called experts, the TV journalists and pundits, have radically underestimated the scope of the mission. “Why can’t we just send in some SEALs and rescue these girls like we did with Capt. Phillips or with the raid that killed bin Lauden?” I’ve heard on more than one news outlet. Apples and Oranges. Bin Laden was one man, Capt. Phillips also one man. An operation to extract 276 people from an unknown amount of armed captors will be many times larger than those.

Ukraine Scratches Its Head

Ukraine. Turns out: when you let your country become divided, let its economy crumble, and neglect your military, you become vulnerable and weak. Who knew? (Good thing the good old USA has a strong military!)

Ice Dancing

Did Snoop Dogg invent the twizzle?

Government Shutdown

Why not pass the House’s bills to open the parts of the government they are asking to, then send them bills to open the rest? Since the House is soooo into government and its value, send them bills to open up other parts of the government until all parts are reopened.


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