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Do Your Job Congress!

Holy cow, what the fuck is wrong with the Republicans?  Lawsuits, impeachment, shutdowns, anarchy, and violence?  How about doing what Congress is supposed to do, pass laws?  That’s the way out of every single issue Congress and Republicans have with Obama.  Republicans, you now control both houses of Congress, the House and the Senate, yet you act like you have no power to change the direction of America except to impeach Obama.  Why not write and pass laws that nullify Obama’s executive actions?  You can do that, you do have that power.  Obama is begging you to do it even.  Get two-thirds majority of the House and the Senate on your proposed laws and Obama cannot veto them, they become law automatically without his say or input.  That’s how the Constitution works guys, not when you sit there and do nothing.  I don’t think the Founding Fathers ever envisioned that a political party or a branch of government would EVER sit back and do nothing and have no interest in governing.  There’s no real mechanism to deal with it.  That’s the real Constitutional crisis.

And American’s, please pay attention and get passionate about this stuff!  It’s so ridiculous, petty, and immature to see your average America care more about organic vegetables and Kim Kardashian’s ass than how our government acts (or doesn’t act).  Only 47% of us even vote.  WTF?  That sucks too.

People think I am weird and odd for getting so concerned about this stuff.  To that I say: FUCK YOU!  It’s weird and odd that you’re not. Democracy places a burden on its citizens to get and stay engaged in civics, ducking that responsibility is nothing to be proud of.  It’s not cool, or hip, or punk, or any of type of fashionable irreverence.  It’s fucking lame as shit.  All you have to do is read a dedcent newspaper for 10 or 15 minutes every day.  Hell, even every other day.  Is that too much too do?  Apparently so.

Obama is Strategic (regarding immigration)

I’m figuring Obama knows a lawsuit would not succeed, that a government shut down would be a disaster for Republicans, and impeachment proceedings would fail too.

This feels like a chess game where Obama has set a trap for Republicans, allowing them to show their true racist colors to further alienate Hispanics (and others) and look even more like clueless, old, angry white men. Which plays well into the changing demographics of the US and will probably have the net effect of increasing and solidifying the Democrats’ base of minorities and rational white people.

I mean it must be killing *KILLING* these white guys that a black president is prioritizing which Hispanics (and others) get deported or not.

Obama’s Immigration Ideas

Relax, Obama isn’t handing out green cards or any other type of citizenship or even a pathway to citizenship. Just work permits and protection from deportation for illegal immigrants (that will still be illegal) that have already been living in the US without a criminal record for five years. These immigrants will not get any federal benefits, but will continue to pay state and federal income taxes. Almost nothing will change on a practical level, other than ignoring the situation.

Of course, we have to wait until Thursday night’s speech to see what’s up, but it appears that this is what Obama is going to do.

Legally, it appears that the changes will be legal with the president’s authority on how to punish, or not, lawbreakers and with his power as administrator of laws and powers over the Department of Labor.

When asked a while back about immigration law when Obama said he can’t act like an emperor he was talking about implementing laws in a bill that the House had passed but the Senate had not. That would be illegal, the president cannot write or change laws, but is empowered and responsible to administer them and set penalties for breaking them.

Reagan gave about four million illegal immigrants green cards and no one accused him of overstepping his powers. AND he did it because he said Congress had failed to act.

Obama has deported more people than any president in US history. If any of the illegal immigrants he’s about to offer work permits and deportation relief to ever commit a crime, they can and will most likely be deported. That can’t happen to a US citizen.


11/12 Never Forget

The dangling widow washing basket on the Freedom Tower was an inside job. A false-flag operation by the government to take away our First Amendment right to wash windows. Wake up people!

There’s no way a SINGLE cable can hold an entire basket like that. The tower’s glass is engineered to withstand bullets and an impact with a small airplane. You think a fireman with an axe can break it from the inside? That’s what they want you to believe. Don’t be a fool!

Have you noticed the date? It’s 11/12/14. Notice that 13 has been skipped. Need I say more … ?


Politically incorrect and entirely insensitive jokes about changes coming to Apple now that Tim Cook has come out as gay:

1. At Apple, the phrase “in the pipeline” will be replaced with “down the runway”.

2. The Apple logo will go back to being rainbow striped.

3. On second thought let’s keep “in the pipeline”, that works just fine.

4. iCloud will be re-branded iSunnyDay!!!

5. New, faster cable: FireIslandWire.

6. The next big thing: iShowTunes.

7. Apple Pay will come with a wallet from Hermés and a bag from Prada.

8. The iWatch will now be round and 47mm in diameter, and will come on a black studded leather wrist cuff.

9. All future product release press conferences will take place in Cabo.

10. New President of Marketing: Honey Badger.

11. Banana?

12. The iPhone will get a longer lasting battery.

NYC Glory Days?

Regarding the link below:

The sad reality, the one the writer didn’t talk about, is that he most likely left, and all those he interviewed are thinking of leaving, primarily because of the bad NYC schools.

He makes it seem like it’s all about the lack of culture in NYC or lack of cheap restaurants, but he could have moved to Bushwick or Bed-Sty or Brownville. But there’s no way a middle aged man or woman with kids, or a couple with kids, who can’t afford private school, is going to move to a cheap, hip, culture-rich NYC neighborhood. These people whine about a lack of culture, then move to a white, homogeneous, non-diverse place to get their kids into good public schools.

They want culture, but not African or Hispanic or Asian culture. What the writer fails to get is as NYC was a home for his immigrant parents or grandparents NYC is still home to immigrants. They’re just not white anymore. NYC has always been a tale of two cities: rich and poor (poor immigrants). The only thing that’s changed is that now the immigrants aren’t Europeans. (Generally speaking of course.)

NYC still has tons of culture, it’s still one of the most diverse and culturally rich places on earth. You can only say that it has lost its culture if you strictly define culture as punk, disco, and rap.

The reality, the factual history rather than the nostalgia, is that New York City in the 1970s was a shit storm. NYC nearly went bankrupt, and almost all public institutions and services were failing. The power went out. Garbage piled up on the streets. (Fun fact: when David Johansen in New York Dolls sang “Trash! Pick it up!!” it was actually a call to action not urbane commentary on dating.) Gangs and the mob controlled entire neighborhoods. Crime and drugs were everywhere. Prostitution too. And half the prostitutes were between the ages of 15 and 21 (according to arrest records). The police force was mostly corrupt and City Hall was about half corrupt. You literally were not allowed into an NYC park unless you were a drug addict or homeless, preferably both, and even then you had enough brains to never bring your child into one. City College was free because of basic economics: no one really went or wanted to go there, high school dropout rates were sky-high then.

And there was hardly a cultural explosion. Pop or avante guard culture, ok sure, but the orchestras, operas, ballets, galleries, theaters and museums were hit hard by NYC’s near collapse. The restaurant scene was stellar only if you liked Italian food and burgers. The fashion industry was unoriginal and ran scores of illegal sweatshops. Bars and restaurants were filled with cigarette smoke!

Yes the middle class is having a hard time making ends meet in NYC these days. As if that’s any different anywhere else in America???

How can you talk about NYC in the 1980s and first half of the 1990s and not mention the crack and AIDS epidemics? I was there for part of that time and while I had a great time then and would do it all over again twice, watching young people die is not something you forget. It’s certainly not something you omit from a discussion of NYC during that time. Just as you don’t omit the middle class, white-flight that occurred in NYC in the 1970s when writing about the middle class, white-flight occurring there now.

How did the New York Daily News manage to overlook so much NYC history? The article is a white-wash (pun intended) and fails to note any NYC progress since 1970.