teenage (can’t) dream

Ima gonna channel my teenage self here and write something on the inside flap of my high school library’s copy of The Catcher in the Rye: If love makes the world go ’round, then unrequited love keeps it tilted on its axis.


Is there a rehab for acting immature and melodramatic on social media and for posting far more than any grown-ass man should even when bored and unable to fall asleep? I have good health insurance. Lmk, thx, ttyl!


Everyone should read this article, click here!

But know there are a few things you can do.  In no particular order other than stream-of-conscious …

1. On an individual level, consume less media and produce more of it yourself.  2. Do the same with everything else, borrow and share too.  3.  Realize that when you rip off artists and musicians, by not supporting them with actual money, things get worse.  This may seem to conflict with #1 & #2 and it does really, so find the right balance for you and don’t expect it all for free.  4. Stop working in tech or other forms of content packaging and distribution and make content yourself.  Or at least respect and cherish the content producers that make your distribution job possible: don’t take advantage of them.  4a. Play a musical instrument, even poorly.  5. Volunteer and help other people out directly, don’t expect others or the government to do it for you.  6. Only read and watch the best in breed in journalism, avoid all the rest at all cost.  7. Dive deep and master something, don’t think you need to be aware of everything going on under the sun to survive and be happy.  8. Trust the experts and scientists that have done the work and the study and have the best credentials, ignore the rest.  9. Get a dog.  10.  Fall in love and have a lot of sex.  10a. If you’re not in love, you should still have some sex too.  11. Start a family (but be ready to do so).  12. Be social in real life, meet real people and make real friends, listen to their stories and share your own, have good conversations, start conversations.  13. Give back and pay it forward.  14. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, advice, or knowledge.  15. Get an education and realize you can get one on your own outside of a school too if school isn’t an option.  16. Don’t be lazy, fight it off when it starts to get the best of you.  17. Vote, and vote with your brain not your heart, gut, or genitals. 18. Know that you will fail and other will too but don’t let it stop you (not that you have a choice really) or drive you nuts.



Issues …

I hate it when I’m not judged by the content of my character.  I also hate it when I’m judge by the color of my skin: being white, people assume I’m successful when I’m really quite a loser. Actually I hate being judged period.  The only metric I rank high on is sarcasm/humor quotient, and the UN Int’l Scale of Procrastination.  And dog ownership, I’m a kick-ass dog owner. #beatmyselfup

Hamas? Seriously??

One cannot cite MLK, Mandela, and Gandhi as heros and then also be pro-Hamas. Not without being a moronic hypocrite.

There are no pure, innocent, all-good actors in the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Hamas is a terrorist organization that has failed to improve the lives of the people in Gaza, whose only method for achieving anything has been violence. A new poll indicates about 75% of Gazans do not approve of Hamas. Globally, I don’t think any legitimate organization or country officially supports Hamas, not Egypt and not even the PLO really.

Israel has built a strong democratic, market-based society. Yet it has done some horrible things under the veil of self-defense.

Choosing a side in the conflict, as in a lot of conflicts, is an exercise in choosing the less bad actor. Taken on the whole, with an over-arching view since 1948, Israel comes out ahead of any Palestinian group, territory, or Arab country. But it’s no saint, and there are no saints anywhere really, so don’t go looking for one.