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I’m not putting a lot of faith in Americans rising up to “start a political revolution” and/or “take back our government”. Most Americans don’t even show up. To vote. We’re way too lazy to change things, and that’s why our politicians get away with what they do: we’re simply not paying any attention.

Start a revolution? We Americans like to think we act like Johnny Strabler on his motorcycle (Marlon Brando in The Wild One) and reply “what have you got?” but we actually just stay on the sofa and act more like Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman and overestimate our abilities, pine for the past, and remain unable to meet present-day challenges.

We’re rebels stuck on pause.

(Not that we need to start a revolution or take back anything, we just need to make a few minor changes. American is a country of excellent marketing abilities and tendencies; saying we need epic change is like saying a person NEEDS TO drink eight glasses of water a day.)

If someone does not share your religious beliefs, that does not mean your beliefs are being violated.

If you have strongly held religious beliefs and your job does something that does not fit with those beliefs, you have two options: put those beliefs aside while at work or leave that job.

That’s how it works in the US, how it’s always worked.

Your religion is a lifestyle choice that you can’t expect everyone else to choose. Your employer has to make reasonable accommodations for your religious beliefs; it can’t forbid you to wear a crucifix or a star of David or any religious hat or scarf or head dress. But expecting your employer to discriminate against other people due to your particular religious beliefs is both unreasonable and illegal.

“Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown” visits New Jersey, but then hits all the crappy parts known.

It’s a blurry line separating Uber and hitchhiking, isn’t it?

Your garment steamer can be used to prepare a quick and nutritious meal. Just wave it over your favorite food items — broccoli, kale, little neck clams — as you would your Loro Piana blazzer and lunch is ready in seconds!

If an insomniac says “that’s so easy I could do it in my sleep” should I be worried or reassured?  

It’s actually not so strange that Catholics think that you can pray the gay away, because they also think that you can pray the straight away. “No sex for anyone”, that’s their motto, right? Abstinence for all, amen.


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