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Putin is getting some PR savvy …

“Confusion”? Hmm, sounds like Putin may be figuring out how this works: you don’t deny the entire thing and try to cover it up, you call it a mistake made at the command level and throw a few lieutenants under the bus. Obama most have given him some tips on their last phone call: “Vlad, weren’t you paying attention to how I handled my VA hospital scandal over here?”

“near”? wtf??

Facebook always says you’re “near” the place that you’re actually in. What are you trying to tell us Facebook, or are you just messing with our heads again?

I mean, I’m in fucking TIMES SQUARE and FB says I’m “near New York City”. Seriously? It gets no more NYC than TSQ. Tell me FB, what ‘hood do I have to be in for you to accept that I am in NYC? The Financial District? Perhaps Bushwick? How about I go to the Google building in Chelsea, would you accept I’m in NYC then or what?

I tell you what FB, your headquarter campus is “nowhere near” Menlo Park, CA if you know what I mean.

Black Boxes

There’s a lot of talk now about redesigning the “black boxes” used in commercial aircraft. Here’s an idea: make them float.

Human Super-weed

One of the main concerns of the anti-GMO movement is that one day GMOs will adversely affect an ecosystem or multiple ecosystems and cause havoc as they displace indigenous plants and animals. Newsflash: that has already happened, not by GMOs, but by the species Homo sapiens.

We, people, we are the super-weed, the stink bug, the Asian carp.

So perhaps we need to label all newborn children with a tattoo that reads: “WARNING: this organism poses a threat to the health of mother earth”? 


In the future, everyone will be anonymous for 15 minutes.

Information Wants to Be Free?

I’m not sure who first said “information wants to be free” but I’m certain it wasn’t the information itself.  Left on its own, information just sits there and never seeks to do any traveling at all.  Even it today’s world information moves too slow and rarely gets to where it most needs to be.  Unless the information is of a particularly cute cat or kitten, most information is ignored altogether.  Information doesn’t go viral on its own, you need a vast network of people pushing it around for that effect; ask any PR flack or SEO practitioner.  Information is inert, I say.


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