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Flight 17

Hmm, so if Flight 17 was hit by an SA-11 missile that disables its target with shrapnel rather than with a concussive explosion, it seems possible that many of the people on the plane would have survived the missile attack and would not have died immediately, but would have lived as the plane fell from the sky and died upon impact with the ground. Yes, cabin depressurization and the resulting lack of oxygen would have rendered the passengers unconscious. But if the oxygen masks deployed properly it’s possible the passengers did not lose consciousness. If the masks did not deploy and the passengers passed out, they may have regained consciousness once the plane descended to thicker air with more oxygen.

The photos of the crash site also seem to suggest that large sections of the fuselage crashed intact and that the plane was not disintegrated by the missile at 33,000 feet as originally reported/suggested by the media. Reports initially said the missile “slammed into the plane”, but now it has come to light an SA-11 missile explodes about a hundred meters in front of or underneath the plane it’s targeting, creating a cloud of small bits of shrapnel that the plane flies into which then disables the plane. The photos also show a large area of scorched earth, suggesting that the fuel in the plane did not ignite from the missile attack but ignited upon impact with the ground. Yet media reports are still saying the fuel exploded in mid-air at the time of the missile intercept. Also, the reports of many of the bodies being found intact on the ground is further evidence that there was not a massive, catastrophic explosion mid-air.

I guess the data recorders will shed light on this all.

Strong Sales for Apple

Apple sales are up 13 percent from the period a year ago, selling 35.3 million iPhones, 72.4 million replacement iPhone touch-screens, and 999.9 million replacement iPhone white power cords with that shitty connector that lasts about three months if you’re lucky.

Iron Dome

One question that no one is asking: why does Hamas launch rockets into Israel when it knows the rockets won’t make it past Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system? Might as well fire them west into the Mediterranean.

Putin is getting some PR savvy …

“Confusion”? Hmm, sounds like Putin may be figuring out how this works: you don’t deny the entire thing and try to cover it up, you call it a mistake made at the command level and throw a few lieutenants under the bus. Obama most have given him some tips on their last phone call: “Vlad, weren’t you paying attention to how I handled my VA hospital scandal over here?”

I prefer smokers

As a non-smoker I’ve come to prefer the sight of someone smoking over the sight of someone vaping.

The smaller units with the clear reservoir where you can see the nicotine fluid are especially disgusting to watch someone suck on. When someone smokes a cigarette at least you might be reminded of some of the great, classy smokers like Bacall, Bogart, Dean, Lake, etc. Not so with vaping, no one has made that look sexy yet. Also, most smokers these days have the tact to smoke inconspicuously but vapers have no issue vaping right in your face.

Doctors need to change, not patients.

Since it appears that people will continue to use the emergency room for minor health issues even after getting health insurance, doctors and hospitals should adapt to the behavior of the people and not the other way around.

Health care is perhaps the only industry were sellers expect buyers to adapt to them, rather than accept and operate as nearly ever other industry where organizations are always adapting to the needs and preferences of consumers in a ever-changing marketplace.

Expecting people to self-triage, and then charging them a penalty (in either time or money) when they get it wrong is how it works in American healthcare today.

The current system expects the patient to know the difference between whether, for example, they have the common flu or SARS and to choose the proper doctor and facility to match exactly what they have. Is it appendicitis or just bad gas? You better know before you decide where to go to seek relief or you may wind up having to pay out of pocket for a bill five times what it should be.

World Cup Logo

For all the criticism of FIFA for corruption and match fixing, you have to hand it to them for awarding the 2014 World Cup logo and graphics contract to Mrs. William’s PS 281 “Art is Smart!” special ed art class.

Prejudice toward women …

Colonial Williamsburg: stop the practice of reenacting witch-hunts and pull the TV commercials advertising them as part of a “romantic vacation”, as both are disrespectful and prejudice toward women.

Watch the TV commercial here.

Sign the petition here!

The practice of reenacting a witch-hunt and depicting it as part of a romantic vacation is horrifically disrespectful of women and to the right to due process in the United States.  The witch-hunts in the US were one of the lowest, darkest, most evil points in US history and they should not be treated in such a glib, humorous manner in reenactments and in TV commercials of such reenactments.  US witch-hunts were often used to torture and kill innocent “hysterical” women who suffered from mental health problems.  They were also undertaken by certain people or groups to perform sanctioned murder against women those people and groups did not like.  There is no positive, silver-lining to witch-hunts in US history and Colonial Williamsburg should stop presenting reenactments of them out of context as a form of entertainment.

If Mississippi offered vacation packages offering the reenacting of lynchings and of shootings of civil rights workers, no one would stand for it.  Similarly, no one should stand for such reenactments of witch-hunts and for advertisements of them.

Women’s rights are hard-fought around the world and in the US.  History shows that they can wither away rather easily.  Women’s rights should be celebrated and secured; attempts to trivialize them should be regarded with disdain and should not be the endeavor of a tourist destination.  Witch-hunts are not things of the past.  Since 2009 there have been witch-hunts in Sub-Saharan Africa, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia, and India.

“near”? wtf??

Facebook always says you’re “near” the place that you’re actually in. What are you trying to tell us Facebook, or are you just messing with our heads again?

I mean, I’m in fucking TIMES SQUARE and FB says I’m “near New York City”. Seriously? It gets no more NYC than TSQ. Tell me FB, what ‘hood do I have to be in for you to accept that I am in NYC? The Financial District? Perhaps Bushwick? How about I go to the Google building in Chelsea, would you accept I’m in NYC then or what?

I tell you what FB, your headquarter campus is “nowhere near” Menlo Park, CA if you know what I mean.


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