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11 Things Governor Chris Christie Should Do Now …

What’s up with Gov. Christie? He’s doing it all wrong. Here’s what you do now:

1. Stay in NJ for the rest of your term. Never leave NJ.
2. Stay in NJ for the rest of your term. Never leave NJ.
3. Be the best Governor New Jersey has ever seen.
4. Be the best Governor the US has ever seen.
5. Fix the traffic on I-287, (see #3).
6. Give the NJ Democratic Party something it desperately wants.
7. Write a book outlining your vision of governance and your vision of what you think is the best way to run a state and the US.
8 Give interviews and press conferences to anyone who asks.
9. Since you say you didn’t know about Bridgegate, do your own investigation about it and take the necessary steps to make sure something like it never happens again. Fire people, put new systems or policies into place, reorganize the org-chart and such as required. And do this out in the open, fully transparent, and update the public as you go and as things turn up.
10. Reform the Part Authority as much as possible as the Governor of NJ.
11. Stop running for president, or at least stop making it so damn obvious!
12. (optional) Cut property taxes. Again. Noting make a Jersey person happier!

NJ Gov. Woes

So Christie knew nothing and his staff refuses to talk. And all of them are expecting us to be a-ok with it.

It’s no longer (entirely) about the accusations but about the response to the accusations, and all the accused have proven, with their stonewalling and evasion, that they don’t deserve the power and authority the public has entrusted them with, because this entire affair has been about¬†openness and accountability from the very start.

Yes, true, we’re all innocent until proven guilty, but as a public servant serving at the pleasure of the people, any allegation of impropriety carries higher consequence than when an ordinary citizen finds them self in a similar circumstance.

If a regular cop or fireman wound up with similar allegations on them, they would be suspended pending outcome of the investigation.