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Branding 101 ?

Not a particularly interesting article at all – until the end where she admits “I want to be a brand”. Is this the new, highest aspiration in America now? In the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s, and even the first half of the 90’s “selling out” was a pejorative term. Now it seems it’s all we seek. Are the days of trying to achieve something artistic or profound and meaningful gone? It seems now being a product is no longer even a goal (as bad as that is) now only being a brand is sought, to be sold and licensed out to the highest bidder and slapped onto any product. We live in the days of sizzle, with no steak to enjoy. And I guess that’s okay in a world where the only real talent one needs today is the ability to tweet. The irony is that at first in the article it seems she had some standards when she was younger, having turned away for auditioning for TV and having initially turned down the “Blurred Lines” video for fear of being typecast. Now it seems that’s all she really wants, to be typecast, so long as she can apply the typecast onto herself.

Government Shutdown

Why not pass the House’s bills to open the parts of the government they are asking to, then send them bills to open the rest? Since the House is soooo into government and its value, send them bills to open up other parts of the government until all parts are reopened.


The US House of Representatives passed a bill authorizing the following:

1. The Headstart program shall be completely funded starting Monday. Parents shall bring their own jumper cables.
2. All war memorials shall be opened, including the Covert War in Laos Memorial.
3. All couples seeking a marriage at a national park shall be married at that park. Limit: 2500 couples, 11 same-sex couples.
4. The US Government shall never get between a patient and their doctor, but all children with cancer shall immediately report their local NIH office to receive their mandatory, experimental cancer vaccine, and doses of unapproved cancer medications.
5. NOAA and FEMA shall be immediately opened to deal with Tropical Storm Karen in the Gulf of Mexico, but both agencies shall be immediately closed once the storm makes landfall.
6. Osama bin Laden’s body at the bottom of the ocean shall be dredged up, a Navy SEAL shall fire three shots into the body (two to the chest, one to the head) and then the body shall be dumped into the ocean once again.
7. The Fender Stratocaster is shall henceforth be the official guitar of the Congress. All Gibson Les Paul guitars in the Capitol building shall be donated to the White House.
8. All traffic lights shall be allowed to turn green, after having been red, once they have shown a yellow light for three to seven seconds.
9. All mentally disturbed Americans shall be issued a .40 S&W GLOCK 23 pistol and a 100-round box of ammunition. But only upon surrender of their 5.56 NATO/.223 Bushmaster Carbon-15 assault rifle.
10. We are not Greece, but we may just be the Middle East now, huh?
11. You know that one-year old baby in the car, the one in which the Capitol Police shot and killed the mother, anyone wanna adopt this kid?
12. UNPAID INTERNS WANTED! Send resumes to The Office of The Speaker, H-232 The Capitol, Washington, DC 20515.

Boehner Contrdicts Himself Again

Speaker John Boehner just said in a press conference:

“The American people don’t want their government shutdown and neither do I. All we’re asking for is to sit down and have a discussion and to bring fairness, reopen the government, and bring fairness to the American people under Obamacare. It’s as simple as that. But it all has to begin with a simple discussion.”

Sounds like what Obama and the Democrats are saying as well, no? First, open the government, then second, sit down and debate Obamacare (or anything else) that Republicans (or anyone else) wants to debate.

You can further take apart what Boenher said in pointing out that this is far from the beginning and that Obamacare has been discussed and debated for year and years. Obamacare, aka the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, has been law since March 2010. The deadline for discussion and passage of the Continuing Resolution to fund the government was midnight September 30th. All discussions about that C.R. needed to conclude before then, and not “begin” after.