Monthly Archives: June 2013

Regarding Snowden

It’s NOT civil disobedience if you run from the law.  The whole idea of civil disobedience is that you believe the law is unjust and/or unconstitutional, you break it, get arrested, then prove your case in court and are exonerated.  With that exoneration on the books, then you or another party challenge the law itself, and cite your personal trial and ruling as precedent.  Also: in the US you cannot break the law for political reasons; that defense alone will not hold up in court.  

Mexicans Were Here First

When discussing immigration policy and illegal immigrants from Mexico, we should remember that they were here first. Until about 1846 Mexico’s territory extended well north of the Rio Grande and into Arizona, California, Texas and beyond, all the way into parts of Utah. The US annexed this entire region and set the border at the Rio Grande with military force. There were about 42,000 casualties, and the US took just over half a million square miles of land.

Pro-life Has a Dark Side

If you’re pro-life, it also partly means you’re for illegal and dangerous abortions, as they will surely result if Roe v. Wade is overturned (as this was the case before R v. W). If you are pro-life then you must add a strategy for dealing with illegal, dangerous, unregulated abortions and abortion practitioners to your platform if you are to be truly moral and to truly protect the unborn (and the mother!).

We all are shocked and disgusted by Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the abortion clinics that fail inspection; expect more of the same if abortion returns to being a crime.

The Runway Models Are Too Young …

New rules regarding the age of runway models, hopefully this will come to be:

New York Aims to Treat Underage Models as Child Performers

I’ve been saying this since about 2005. I used to shoot video at Fashion Week, and it was disturbing to see 14 or 15 years old models going down the runway in sheer and often transparent clothes, while photographers of the world took pictures and made lewd catcalls and gestures. Not quite child porn, but a 15 year old girl should not be exposing her breasts as part of her job. Not only is it immoral, it’s illegal.

For example, this female model certainly does not look over 18 years old.  The New York Times writes this article but fails to mention there’s a good chance some or all of the models are minors, or ask or investigate if they are.

According the US Department Of Justices’s definition of pornography those photographs may easily be regarded as child pornography.

How does IMG and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week get away with this?  They’re putting runaways on the runway!